Design / Build


The "design/build" process of contracting has stormed through the construction industry over the last several years, owners and contractors alike are realizing savings through this process


The owner comes to the table with a floor plan and a general knowledge of what the scope of work will be.  We design the electrical layout in CAD, including all power plans, lighting plans, schematics, and specifications, with a not to exceed cost for construction.  The owner then reviews these plans and makes any changes or recommendations, these changes are made to the drawings and a new cost is submitted.  Once the owner and contractor are satisfied with the contents, construction drawings are prepared, and construction can begin.


1) Time savings on engineered drawings

2) Significant cost savings on engineered drawings.

3) Time savings on bidding process.

4) Owner has complete control on products and equipment used.

5) Owner can make changes as the project progresses without time consuming change orders and paperwork.

Cost savings on this type of process can be very substantial.  75% of all our projects completed over the past few years, have been design/build.


Cost Plus


The "cost plus" method of contracting allows the owner to view all material lists and costs associated with his project.  The owner and contractor agree to a predetermined percentage the contractor will charge on all material, and a predetermined labor rate for all skilled and apprentice laborers on the project.


1)  Owner can check at any time, to see what the project has cost at any stage of construction.

2) No change orders.

3) Saves time in bidding and specification process.

The "cost plus" method is ideal for fast tracking projects where the scope of the work is not known, or many changes are expected.

Blue Print

Time & Material


This means of contracting is very simple, it usually starts with a rough estimate of the cost, then construction begins.


1) Saves the owner time in the bidding process

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